Examining predictors of initial outpatient psychiatric treatment for conduct problems in youth: A records review – 2018

To investigate predictors of conduct problem (CP) treatment in an outpatient child psychiatry clinic.

Design and Methods
Medical records (N = 78) of youth with CPs (71% male; mean age = 9.9 years) were analyzed to determine how treatment history, race, gender, travel distance, aggression symptoms, internalizing disorder symptoms, and age of diagnosis influenced initial treatment decisions.

Severity of aggression symptoms and travel distance significantly increased the likelihood that initial treatments included psychotropic medication. Travel distance also moderated the relationship between history of psychosocial intervention for CPs and treatment recommendations.

Practice Implications
Adhering to treatment guidelines for youth with CPs is essential for furthering evidence‐based psychiatric nursing care.

Gabriel C. Watson PhD, John S. Carlson PhD, Jed Magen DO, MS
Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, Volume 54, Issue 2, April 2018