Experience coercion, post‐traumatic stress, and satisfaction with treatment associated with different coercive measures during psychiatric hospitalization [2018]

Coercive measures are frequently used in psychiatric hospitalization. However, there are few studies that analyse perceived coercion, post‐traumatic stress, and subjective satisfaction with the hospitalization treatment associated with different types of coercive measures. The sample consisted of 111 patients admitted to two psychiatric units and divided into three groups based on the measure applied: involuntary medication (N = 41), mechanical restraint (N = 32), and combined measures (mechanical restraint and involuntary medication; N = 38). The outcome variables were perceived coercion evaluated with the Coercion Experience Scale (CES), post‐traumatic stress evaluated with the Davidson Trauma Scale (DTS), and satisfaction with the treatment evaluated with the Client’s Assessment of Treatment (CAT). The results found higher levels of perceived coercion associated with the use of mechanical restraint (P = 0.002) and combined measures (P < 0.001) in comparison with involuntary medication. Additionally, in relation to post‐traumatic stress, mechanical restraint (P = 0.013) and combined measures (P = 0.004) were more stressful compared to involuntary medication. Finally, the use of combined measures was associated with lower satisfaction with inpatient psychiatric treatment compared to the use of involuntary medication (P = 0.006). The following recommendation would be consistent with the results found: if a patient does not specify a preference for some type of measure, involuntary medication could be used and mechanical restraint avoided, especially when used in combination with involuntary medication.

José Guzmán‐Parra PhD, DClinPsy Carlos Aguilera‐Serrano RN Juan Antonio García‐Sanchez RN Edgar García‐Spínola DClinPsy Daniel Torres‐Campos DClinPsy José María Villagrán MD Berta Moreno‐Küstner PhD Fermín Mayoral‐Cleries PhD, MD

International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 21 September 2018