Exploratory study of the use of community treatment orders with clients of an Ontario ACT team [2018]

Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) have raised questions about coercion, lack of autonomy, and effectiveness in reducing hospitalizations and improving service users’ quality of life. This study examined the experiences of clients and clinicians when CTOs are used in combination with Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) in a recovery oriented approach. Eleven clients who were or had previously been on a CTO and eight ACT clinicians were interviewed. Although most clients had negative feelings about CTOs, some acknowledged their lives had improved. Clinicians reported that the decision to employ a CTO is sometimes debated within the team but they agreed that combining CTOs and ACT resulted in regular access to mental health supports, fewer hospitalizations and overall improvement of quality of life for their clients.

Magnus Mfoafo-M’Carthy, PhD, Cara Grosset, MSW, Carol Stalker, PhD, Irene Dullaart, MSW, RSW & Linda McColl, MD, FRCPC
Social Work in Mental Health, 19 Jun 2018