Factors That Promote and Hinder Medication Adherence From the Perspective of Inmates in a Provincial Remand Center: A Mixed Methods Study – 2017-12-25

Effective medication delivery to inmates within correctional facilities is essential for managing symptoms, preventing relapse, slowing disease progression, and enabling recovery. Despite its importance, medication adherence in correctional facilities is poor. This mixed methods study explores the factors that affect medication adherence from the perspective of 20 inmates at a provincial remand center in Alberta, Canada. Themes describing factors that promote or hinder medication adherence emerged: patient-related factors (addiction, social support, insight into disease, and purpose of medications), health care provider–related factors (health care provider attributes and trust in physicians), and correctional setting factors. The findings of this study inform recommendations to improve medication adherence and disease management in correctional facilities.

Lauren Cuthbertson, MD, Karolina Kowalewski, MSc, MD, Jennifer Edge, MSc, MD, Keith Courtney, DO, CCHP
Journal of Correctional Health Care, December 25, 2017