Gender-Responsive Programs and Services for Girls in Residential Centers: Meeting Different Profiles of Rehabilitation Needs [2017]

Although research has established the need to provide adolescent girls in care with programs and services that are gender-sensitive, further research is needed to better understand their rehabilitation needs. The goals of this study were to more clearly define the nature and extent of gender differences in the rehabilitation needs of adolescent girls and boys placed in residential centers, and to identify the differing profiles of needs among girls in particular. The sample was drawn from 219 adolescents (92 boys and 127 girls) who had been placed in care and their 131 designated educators. Both groups completed questionnaires about their perceptions of the adolescents’ rehabilitation needs. Findings give added weight to the new generation of studies that clearly demonstrate the importance of going beyond overall comparisons between the genders to instead recognize the heterogeneity of the experiences, characteristics, and needs of adolescent girls placed in residential care.

Nadine Lanctôt

Criminal Justice and Behavior, Vol 45, Issue 1, 2018