Health problems and healthcare needs among youth in Swedish secure residential care [2018]

International research has consistently reported that youth in secure residential care have high rates of somatic/dental health problems. Here, we report results from the first such study in a Nordic country. An experienced paediatrician performed systematic somatic and rudimentary dental health assessments of 91 youths, age 13–17, recently admitted to four secure residential units in Sweden. Girls were oversampled. Participants were tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STD). We found large unmet needs of health/dental care, similar to reports from other countries: 75% of the girls and 53% of the boys had at least one previously known health problem that was poorly followed up or was unknown before the assessment. Over 40% of the girls had severe dental decay. Only two cases of STD were identified (Chlamydia). Some 91% of the girls and 64% of the boys were referred to a health or a dental care clinic.

Bo Vinnerljung Stefan Kling Anders Hjern

International Journal of Social Welfare, 20 August 2018