How We Got Here – The Northwest Community Mobilization Network


Over the last 12 months and beyond, the Northwest Center of Responsibility (formerly known as the NWR-HSJCC) has transitioned their HSJCCs by incorporating principles of the Hub/Situation Table model into its structure. This has led to the establishment of the Northwest Community Mobilization Network.

This transition was prompted by a recognized need to better coordinate services for people with complex needs. Aligning the HSJCC structure with these collaborative-risk driven models has led to a substantial increase in overall member engagement, driven cross-sectoral collaboration and improved the coordination of services for people with complex needs.

This webinar will explain their HSJCC transition, highlight accomplishments of the committee and discuss the next steps for fully operationalizing a community mobilization model in the Northwest region.


Presenter: Mariah Maddock

Coordinator, Northwest Community Mobilization Network

Click here to access a recording of the webinar

Download a copy of the presentation: P-HSJCC Webinar – December 14