Implicit Attitudes Toward Violence in a Sample of Adolescent Offenders With Conduct Disorder [2017]

Few studies have addressed attitudes toward violence in offender populations using implicit measures. The aim of this study is to test whether implicit attitudes toward two types of violence (physical and relational) differ between two groups of adolescent offenders: one group with conduct disorder (CD; n = 36) and the other group without this condition (No-CD; n = 26). We found that adolescent offenders with CD evidenced less negative implicit attitudes toward physical violence than the No-CD group. No differences between groups were observed in the case of relational violence. Our results suggest that CD modulates implicit attitudes toward violence in adolescent offenders and that the influence of CD is stronger in the case of physical rather than relational acts of violence.

Antonio Olivera-La Rosa, Javier Villacampa, Omar Amador, Guido Corradi, Enric Munar, Sergio Acosta, Jaume Rosselló
Journal of Interpersonal Violence, November 2, 2017