Individual-Level Predictors of the Working Relationship between Probation Officers and Probationers [2020]

The working relationship between probation officers and probationers is an important area of research given recent studies illustrate a strong relationship reduces recidivism. In this study, the perceptions of the working relationship between officers and probationers were examined among a group of substance-using probationers who participated in a multi-site randomized clinical trial. After 6 months, probationers who reported greater alcohol use and greater family and peer drug use on a baseline Addiction Severity Index were less likely to perceive their probation officer as being caring/fair/trustworthy, and older probationers were less likely to perceive their PO as being tough. Important policy implications are discussed.

Lincoln Sloas, Jennifer Lerch, Scott Walters, Faye S. Taxman
The Prison Journal, Vol 100, Issue 6, 2020