Inequities in Mental Health and Mental Health Care: A Review and Future Directions – 2018

Disparities and inequities in mental health and mental health care have been a persistent and unremitting issue despite concerted efforts on multiple fronts to address the problem. The enduring nature of these differences compels us to evaluate factors that led to our present state, new evidence, and novel strategies to reduce and eliminate mental health disparities and inequities. Discrimination, implicit bias, and the social determinants of mental health all serve to perpetuate mental health inequities. Providers may need to expand their roles as advocates for social change, champions for inclusion, and adjuncts to policymakers in order to reduce (and ultimately eliminate) mental health inequities in the future.

Ruth S. Shim, MD, MPH; Christine E. Kho, MD; Jann Murray-García, MD, MPH
Psychiatric Annals. 2018;48(3)