Intersectional Trauma-Responsive Care: A Framework for Humanizing Care for Justice Involved Girls and Women of Color [2019]

Previous scholarship around intersectional frameworks and theories of gendered pathways has provided an invaluable lens in which to view women’s contact with the justice system. The current theory builds from this scholarship, and sets forth an Intersectional Trauma-Responsive Framework that explicitly considers the intersection of identities, including gender and race/ethnicity, under a trauma responsive umbrella. This framework underscores the interconnection between traumatic experiences and justice system contact, while also considering broader systems of oppression and societal disadvantage that impact girls and women of color. The framework encourages interventions and programming with justice involved girls and women and advocates for humanizing care in order to address women’s incarceration.

Lisa De La Rue & Lilyana Ortega
Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 13 Feb 2019