JHS Learning Hub – Webinar – 2022/03/15

This webinar will provide an overview of the JHS Learning Hub, a first-of-its-kind in Canada free online civil legal training and education platform for frontline staff who serve justice-involved individuals in Ontario, to help break down barriers to accessing civil justice. The presentation will cover how the Learning Hub came to be and why its resources are crucial in helping fill information gaps in public legal information in Ontario. There will also be scenario walkthroughs where participants will be able to engage with and see how the Hub might assist them with their day-to-day activities working with justice-involved clients.


Aileen Simon, Coordinator, Education & Strategic Initiatives, JHSO.
Aileen holds a BSocSc in Political Science, a JD from Western University, and an MSc in Policy Studies from the University of Edinburgh. Since joining JHSO, Aileen has been the lead on building an innovative civil legal educational and training program aimed at frontline staff who serve justice-involved clients at social services agencies in Ontario (www.jhslearninghub.ca). She’s also played an active role in researching and building content for the Fair Chance Coalition, a project aimed at reducing the stigma and barriers of a criminal record when seeking employment.