Measuring Life Satisfaction among Psychiatric Patients: Measurement Invariance and Validity of the Satisfaction with Life Scale [2020]

The main aim of the present study was to evaluate the measurement invariance and the convergent validity of the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) across clinical and nonclinical samples. A total of 216 psychiatric patients (47.7% females; Mage = 44.56) and 235 participants from the general population (54.5% females; Mage = 43.11 years) were recruited. The measurement invariance was tested by a multi‐group confirmatory factor analysis. Full scalar invariance of the SWLS was supported. Psychiatric patients reported substantially lower life satisfaction than participants from the general population. The SWLS demonstrated good convergent validity in both samples. The present study supported the use of the SWLS as a measure of life satisfaction among psychiatric patients.

Veljko Jovanović, Milica Lazić, Vesna Gavrilov‐Jerković
Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 11 February 2020