Mobilizing Communities, Preventing Harm – The North West Community Mobilization Network – 2019-11-05

This presentation will provide an overview of the Northwest Regional Centre of Responsibility (formerly the Northwest Regional HSJCC). It will explain how the Kenora Rainy River District HSJCC and Northwest Regional HSJCC integrated principles of the Hub/Situation Table model into its HSJCC structure. Presenters will share local data and experiences from mobilized Situation Tables in Kenora and Thunder Bay. They will highlight key successes that resulted from this alignment, including increased membership engagement, better collaboration and improved coordination of services for people with complex needs in conflict with the law. Presenters will discuss how data from Situation Tables and other local planning tables has been used to support and identify emerging systemic issues for discussion using the Northwest Regional Centre of Responsibility Issues Management Framework.

Presenters: Constable Robert Bernie, Sara Dias, Mariah Maddock