Modification and Initial Psychometric Evaluation of the Physical Health Attitude Scale for Use in the Canadian Mental Health and Addictions Context [2018]

Introduction: The Physical Health Attitude Scale (PHASe) tool was developed to better understand mental health nurses’ attitudes towards their involvement and confidence in physical health care. This tool has been used in the United Kingdom and Australia; however, it has not been used in Canada.

Aim: This study aims to modify and provide an initial psychometric evaluation of the PHASe tool for use in a Canadian mental health and addictions context.

Methods: In Phase 1, clinical experts (n = 8) were consulted to provide feedback on the content and face validity of the PHASe tool. In Phase 2, the PHASe tool was piloted with nurses at a large urban mental health and addiction organization in Ontario, Canada (n = 77).

Results: In Phase 1, 4 items were added and 5 items were removed from the tool based on feedback provided by experts. In Phase 2, 12 poorly correlated items were removed. A two-factor solution was identified, with subscales “confidence” and “barriers and attitudes”.

Discussion: Initial psychometric evaluation suggests that a revised 15-item version of the PHASe tool is valid and reliable in a Canadian mental health and addictions context; however, more testing is recommended in larger, more diverse samples.

Alexis Siren , RN, MN, CPMHN(C), Kristin Cleverley , RN, PhD, CPMHN(C), Gillian Strudwick , RN, PhD & Sarah Brennenstuhl , PhD

Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 15 Aug 2018