Needs of people with dementia and their spousal carers: A study of those living in the community [2019]

To identify care and support needs, as reported by people with dementia and their spousal carers living in the community in metropolitan Western Australia.

An interpretive description approach was utilised. Semi‐structured interviews were conducted with 10 dyads of spousal carers and people with dementia. Comparative analysis was used to develop themes regarding need, which were reviewed using two focus groups of spousal carers.

Three major themes were developed through analysis of data from the interviews and were refined by the focus groups: (a) environmental enablers to support care; (b) strong caring relationships; and (c) adaptation of daily life roles.

As dementia progresses, continued support to maintain participation in meaningful activity is needed. Strong caring relationships, knowledge and an understanding of dementia among health professionals, service providers and family members were key to maintaining support for the needs of people with dementia and their spousal carers.

Claire Morrisby, Annette Joosten, Marina Ciccarelli
Australasian Journal on Ageing, 20 January 2019