Northwest Regional HSJCC


The purpose of the COR is to support current and future Situation Tables and assist in supporting an integrated,
coordinated and seamless service delivery system that meets the needs of at-risk people and optimizes the mobilization
and delivery of community services.

Specific Objectives:

To establish key partnerships among the Ministries of Health and Long Term Care, Criminal Justice, Adult/Youth
Mental Health and Addictions Services, Social Service, Education, Data and Research Sector, and between
local/district committees.

To discuss and find solutions to systemic issues emerging from district/local committees or Situation Tables within
the Northwest region, in compliance with the issues management framework (reference Appendix I).

Enhance local Situation Table development and maintain partnerships with Situation Tables in the Northwest

Engage in collaborative analysis of data from local Situation Table discussions and identify trends, deficiencies
and gaps in service, as well as any operational barriers, which will inform the identification of opportunities for
systemic change.

Highlight persistent regional issues, provide recommendations for strategic action, and participate in a planning
session for the purpose of reporting to the Provincial HSJCC.

Coordinate regional training and educational opportunities for all sectors involved in serving the target population.

Share promising/best emerging practices.

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