Occupational stress, coping strategies, and psychological-related outcomes of nurses working in psychiatric hospitals – 2018

Psychiatric nurses experience a wide range of stressful events, evolving from the care of violent, aggressive patients, recurrent relapse, and poor prognosis of mental disorders. The aim of the study was to assess workplace stress, coping strategies, and levels of depression among psychiatric nurses.

A descriptive correlation design was conducted on psychiatric nurses working in mental health settings Port-Said, Egypt. Data were collected from 70 nurses at a mental health hospital.

The results revealed that psychiatric nurses had moderate levels of work-related stress and depression, and exhibiting different coping strategies. Stress and depression are prevalent among psychiatric nurses.

Implementing programs aimed at teaching them how to deal with stress at work and improving their coping strategies and problem-solving skills are recommended.

Abd Alhadi Hasan PhD, Sonia elsayed, Hussein Tumah
Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, 25 February 2018
DOI: 10.1111/ppc.12262