Opioid Use Disorders and Offending Patterns Among Local Jail Inmates [2017]

The current study was designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of opioid use disorder (OUD) and patterns of offending among adult jail inmates. Results from a random sample of 160 male inmates demonstrated a substantial proportion (73%) who met criteria for a substance use disorder were classified with OUD. Most (63%) inmates who met these criteria also reported injection of drugs. Inmates with severe OUD in addition to another substance use disorder were significantly more likely to be booked for a felony offense, as well as a property offense compared to inmates who did not meet these criteria. These results have direct implications for corrections practices and policies, including the need for assessment of substance use disorders among jail inmates.

Alyssa L. Raggio, Albert M. Kopak & Norman G. Hoffmann

Corrections: Policy, Practice and Research, Volume 2, 2017 – Issue 4