Cannabis and DTCs Project: Knowledge Exchange Forum

Drug Treatment courts and the impact of cannabis and other substance Use: Virtual Knowledge Exchange Forum

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario and John Howard Society of Ontario, in partnership with the Provincial Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee, hosted a knowledge exchange forum to share the results of a community-based research project funded by the Mental Health Commission of Canada on October 19, 2022. This project explores how cannabis use impacts mental health and whether it helps or hinders a participant’s completion of a DTC Program. This forum examines DTCs and substance use more broadly, including discussions on potential policy options to improve these courts and the criminal justice system.

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Forum Agenda and Program

Ontario Drug Treatment Courts: 2019 Environmental Scan Key Findings

LLGAMH DTC – Program Overview Presentation – October 2022

Toronto DTC – Program Overview Presentation – October 2022

DTC & Cannabis Forum Presentation – Research Results

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