Patient safety and staff competence in managing challenging behavior based on feedback from former psychiatric patients [2020]

This study aimed to describe the perceptions and lived experiences of former psychiatric patients of their own and/or co‐patients’ behavior that nursing staff has regarded as challenging and that has resulted in behavior management.

Design and Methods
An explorative‐descriptive qualitative design with video vignettes, semistructured interviews, and abductive content analysis.

Many reasons for different kinds of patient behavior that were considered challenging by staff were identified. Delivering care based on patients’ needs was identified as core staff competence.

Practice Implications
Findings can be utilized when pursuing restraint reduction in psychiatric care by enhancing staff competence.

Sirpa Tölli MHSc, Raija Kontio PhD, Pirjo Partanen PhD, Arja Häggman‐Laitila PhD
Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, Volume 56, Issue 4, October 2020