Personality traits of nurses and organizational climate in relation to the use of coercion in psychiatric wards – 2018

Abstract 1 Purpose The aim of this study was to analyze the personality traits of nurses and the organizational climate in psychiatric wards affecting the frequency of the use of coercion. 2 Design and methods The study applied a descriptive, longitudinal design based on a 1‐year prospective observation. 3 Findings The best predictor for the initiation of coercion by nursing personnel was a low score on the Creative Personality Factor Scale in Adjective Check List and the low score in the area of Leadership in Kolb’s Organizing Climate Questionnaire (KOQC). The best predictor for decisions to use coercion was the low score in the area Requirements in the KOQC, whereas the best predictors for the participation in coercion were a high value for Leadership area and a low value for Requirements area in KOQC. 4 Practice implications The nursing personnel should be given frequent practical and theoretical training regarding the use of coercion. Tomasz Pawlowski MD, PhD, Piotr Baranowski MD, PhD Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, Volume 54, Issue 2, April 2018