Perspectives of a tailored lifestyle program for people with severe mental illness receiving housing support – 2018

1 Purpose
The purpose of the present study was to describe the acceptability of the lifestyle program PHYS/CAT and to get information about the tools used for assessment of functional exercise capacity, cognitive performance, and self‐health‐related quality of life.

2 Design and Methods
The findings are based on focus groups and the researchers’ experiences of conducting the program as well as using the assessment tools.

3 Findings
The acceptability of the program and the assessment tools was mainly satisfactory.

4 Practice Implications
The program with relational, educational, and supportive dimensions may be a promising tool to be integrated into daily nursing care.

Ylva Rönngren MSc, RN, Annette Björk MSc, RN, David Haage PhD, MSc, Åsa Audulv PhD, RN, Lisbeth Kristiansen PhD, RN
Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, Volume 54, Issue 2, April 2018