Pilot Effectiveness of a Stress Management Program for Sheltered Homeless Adults With Mental Illness: A Two-Group Controlled Study [2019]

This study examined the effectiveness of a stress management intervention for sheltered homeless adults with mental illness. Twelve intervention participants received a 6-week, 1-hour psychoeducation group combined with a 20-minute meditation. Eleven matched pairs did not receive intervention and served as controls. At 1 week post study, intervention participants reported a statistically significant reduction in perceived stress (Z= −2.285, p < .02, d= −1.176) compared to controls. No differences were found at 1 week post study between intervention and control participants on reported quality of life. This study provides pilot data on the effectiveness of an occupation-based stress management program for sheltered homeless adults and warrants further study.

Sharon A. Gutman, Sara Barnett, Lauren Fischman, Jamie Halpern, Genni Hester, Colleen Kerrisk, Travis McLaughlin, Ezgi Ozel & Haisu Wang
Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, 11 Jan 2019