Policing When Faced with Resistance: When to Use De-Escalation Tactics – 2018

As an officer, have you ever been challenged and backed down from an incident even when you knew you were in the right? Have you ever un-arrested someone? Have you ever not served a warrant, even though you believed you had the wanted person? I have done these things, and while it took time to get over the initial embarrassment, they were ultimately the right decisions because they helped de-escalate volatile situations.

What’s Changed in Society?

It seems the divide between society and police is greater today than ever before. Mainstream media would have us think that use-of-force, racial unrest, riots, and injustice is an everyday occurrence. This fuels resistance towards officers and encourages people to challenge the authority of law enforcement. But is this sentiment worse than in the past? There has been unrest and riots throughout history. What’s different now? Technology!

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Andrew Bell
In Public Safety, April 25, 2018