Predictors of distress and the protective impact of cultural engagement for Indigenous prisoners [2018]

This study sought to identify the salient factors prompting increased levels of psychological distress for 87 Indigenous people in custody in Victoria, Australia. The protective qualities of cultural engagement in buffering distress were also examined. A series of analyses were employed to determine if selected stressor variables and cultural engagement were associated with distress. Having a family member or close friend pass away and perceived discrimination were strong predictors of distress. Being culturally engaged was negatively associated with distress. Results indicate the need for correctional facilities to commit to providing non-discriminatory custodial environments and culturally safe service delivery.

Stephane M. Shepherd, Rosa Hazel Delgado, Diane Sivasubramanian & Yin Paradies
Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, Volume 57, 2018 – Issue 6