Children and Youth

Sexual Minority, Justice-Involved Youth: A Hidden Population in Need of Integrated Mental Health, Substance Use, and Sexual Health Services [2018]

Purpose We sought to compare the demographic characteristics, drug and alcohol use, sexual behaviors, delinquency, and mental health indicators of sexual minority and nonsexual minority first-time offending, court-involved, nonincarcerated adolescents. Methods Using adolescent- and caregiver-reported baseline data from the Epidemiologic

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Social Connectedness, Self-Efficacy, and Mental Health Outcomes Among Homeless Youth: Prioritizing Approaches to Service Provision in a Time of Limited Agency Resources [2018]

Homeless youth frequently meet diagnosis criteria for depressive and/or substance use disorder(s). Although prior research has established that both social connectedness and self-efficacy buffer vulnerable youth’s adverse health outcomes, few studies have compared the potential of these protective factors on

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System Improvement Through Service Collaboratives (SISC)

Implementing Cross-Sectoral Initiatives within the Justice System to support Children and Youth with Mental Health & Addiction Needs Learn how the Niagara, Champlain, and Kenora Rainy River Justice Collaboratives have used implementation science and a community-led process to support the exploration of system challenges,

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