Community Mental Health Services

Mental Health Adult Pre-charge Diversion

When a person with mental health issues has committed a minor crime in Durham Region, the Adult Mental Health Pre-charge Diversion Program helps move them away from the justice system and into the healthcare system. This webinar will explain how

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Misrepresenting community treatment orders – 2018

Objectives: To explore a contradiction between evidence suggesting community treatment order (CTO) ineffectiveness and clinical experience. Conclusions: The literature pertaining to CTOs actually provides an evidence base for both positions. The headline that three randomised controlled trials and subsequent meta-analyses

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Perceptions of professional role in community mental health nurses: The interplay of power relations between nurses and mentally ill individuals [2018]

Highlights• This qualitative study highlights the perceptions of CMHNs of their status within professional role. • Non-power relations between participants and patients, along with efficacy, control and adequate clinical autonomy for effective professional practice were highlighted as major prerequisites during house calls.

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Postdischarge service utilisation and outcomes among Chinese and South Asian psychiatric inpatients in Ontario, Canada: a population-based cohort study – 2018

Objective: We sought to examine the short-term and long-term impacts of psychiatric hospitalisations among patients of Chinese and South Asian origin. Design: Retrospective population-based cohort study using linked health administrative data. Setting: We examined all adult psychiatric inpatients discharged between

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Protecting Yourself From Violent Patients [2018]

The very nature of a therapeutic relationship lends itself to a close, emotional bond between therapist and patient. But, what happens when that bond leads to a release of negative emotions or a physically violent reaction from a patient? According

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