Community Mental Health Services

Do Investments in Mental Health Systems Result in Greater Use of Mental Health Services? National Trends in Mental Health Service Use (MHSU) in the Canadian Military and Comparable Canadian Civilians, 2002-2013 – 2018-02

Background: Mental disorders constitute a significant public health problem worldwide. Ensuring that those who need mental health services access them in an appropriate and timely manner is thus an important public health priority. We used data from 4 cross-sectional, nationally

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Extending access to a web-based mental health intervention: who wants more, what happens to use over time, and is it helpful? Results of a concealed, randomized controlled extension study [2019]

Background Web-based mental health applications may be beneficial, but adoption is often low leaving optimal implementation and payment models unclear. This study examined which users were interested in extended access to a web-based application beyond an initial 3-month trial period

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Improving Quality and Delivery of Mental Health and Addictions Services: Province Continues to Build Healthier Communities with the Creation of The Centre of Excellence [2019-02-19]

Ontario continues to make meaningful improvements to the province’s mental health and addictions system so that all Ontarians can easily access high-quality mental health and addictions services. Yesterday, with the proclamation of the Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence Act,

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