Operational Stress Injuries and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Cross-sectional study on nurses’ attitudes regarding coercive measures: the importance of socio-demographic characteristics, job satisfaction, and strategies for coping with stress – 2018

Background Coercive measures are containment methods used in psychiatry to curb patients’ disruptive and aggressive behaviours towards themselves, others or objects. The prevalence of the practice of coercive measures in psychiatry is directly related to the attitudes of the staff.

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Is the amount of exposure to aggressive challenging behaviour related to staff work-related well-being in intellectual disability services? Evidence from a clustered research design [2018]

Highlights• There was little relationship between exposure to aggressive CB and staff well-being. • Clustering was evident for emotional exhaustion and positive work motivation. • Comparisons between staff who work in settings with and without aggressive CB are needed. Abstract Background Previous research

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Mental Disorder Symptoms Among Nurses in Canada [2020]

BackgroundNurses face regular exposures to potentially psychologically traumatic events as part of their occupational responsibilities. Cumulative stress due to repeated exposure to such events is associated with poor mental health and an increased risk of developing clinically significant symptoms consistent

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