Satisfaction guaranteed? Forensic consumer satisfaction survey [2018]

Despite many people being forensically hospitalized worldwide, there is limited research reporting on their views of the care they receive. To describe consumer satisfaction and areas for improvement, we utilized our forensic psychiatric hospital’s consumer survey. Eleven years of surveys, including a total of 541 surveys, were analysed both quantitatively and qualitatively. The majority of the forensic inpatients believed that their views were valued in their care and treatment. Most felt physically and emotionally safe at the hospital and believed that staff knew how to support them in times of distress. The majority felt that their culture and spirituality were respected. However, some areas for improvement were also noted, such as regarding staff attitudes. This consumer survey demonstrated a reasonably high level of satisfaction with forensic inpatient care, over the course of eleven years, despite this population of people being subject to lengthy hospitalisations. Satisfaction surveys of people in forensic inpatient units can be a regular part of forensic care and can help guide improvements in their care.

Tracey Cannon MHSW Cert, IPS Cert Sigourney Taylor MBChB Susan Hatters Friedman MD
International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, Volume 27, Issue 4, August 2018