Self-Reported Needs for Care, Support and Treatment of Persons Who Frequently Visit Psychiatric Emergency Rooms in Sweden [2018]

Aim: To investigate self-reported needs for care, support and treatment among persons who frequently visit psychiatric emergency rooms (PERs).

Design: A cross-sectional design. Qualitative and quantitative data were collected using an interview-based manual. Qualitative data were analysed using content analysis, whereas quantitative data were analysed using descriptive, non-parametric statistical tests.

Results: Persons who frequently visit PERs self-reported unmet needs for care, support and treatment in life domains such as health, socialisation, daytime activities, and emotional and financial security.

Conclusion: To meet the needs of persons who frequently visit PERs, close cooperation between concerned welfare actors should be implemented.

Manuela Schmidt, PhD student, Joakim Ekstrand, PhD & Anita Bengtsson Tops, RN, PhD
Issues in Mental Health Nursing, Volume 39, 2018 – Issue 9