Shared decision-making in psychiatry: a study of patient attitudes – 2018

Shared decision-making (SDM) is promoted as beneficial in mental healthcare, despite a dearth of supportive evidence. We aimed to obtain patients’ perspective on SDM in a ‘real world’ hospital sample.

Structured validated questionnaires were used to examine SDM with regard to treatment choices, and whether SDM influences attitudes towards treatment. The Mini-Mental State Examination was used to assess decision-making capacity.

A total of 109 individuals participated, with 60% reporting experiencing SDM. SDM positively correlated with positive attitudes to medication. Those detained under the Mental Health Act had lower levels of SDM.

SDM leads to more positive attitudes towards medication and may improve adherence with treatment. SDM may particularly benefit those subject to involuntary treatment and is not onerous to practice.

Josie Nott, Aspen Mcintosh, Clare Taube, Mark Taylor
Australasian Psychiatry, February 19, 2018