Shelter Service Utilization among Adults Experiencing Homelessness [2019]

Objective: Among adults experiencing homelessness, we identified shelter-based services perceived to be useful and examined the association between history of substance use disorder diagnosis (SUD), mental health diagnosis (MHD), and dual diagnosis (DD) on the utilization of shelter-based services.

Methods: Recruitment occurred in 6 area shelters in Oklahoma City (N = 565). Analyses included logistic regression models.

Results: Housing and job training were perceived as most useful services. Participants with MHD had higher odds of utilizing mental health counseling and case management; participants with SUD had higher odds of using substance use counseling and attending educational meetings. Participants with DD had higher odds of using 8 of the 12 services.

Conclusion: MHD and SUD comorbidity predicts greater utilization of shelter services.

Daundasekara, Sajeevika S.; Gallardo, Kathryn R.; Maria, Diane Santa; Hernandez, Daphne C.; Truong, Chelsea; Yip, Maggie; Rhoton, Jayson; Kendzor, Darla; Businelle, Michael S.
Health Behavior and Policy Review, Volume 6, Number 2, March 2019