Social psychological risk factors, delinquency and age of onset – 2018-02

Based on data from the 2014 Communities that Care Youth Survey (CCYS), the authors examine the association between risk factors of tenth graders and age of onset (never, 14 or older, 13 or younger) of three antisocial behaviors/delinquency (got arrested; carried a handgun to school; and attacked someone with the intent of seriously hurting them). Risk factors are under four domains: family, community, school, and peer. The age of onset and risk literature are discussed. The purpose of this research is to examine what risk factors are associated with age of onset. Individual risk factors under the peer domain had the strongest association with all three antisocial behaviors.

Craig J. Forsyth, Steven J. Dick, Jing Chen, Raymond W. Biggar Jr., York A. Forsyth & Karen Burstein
Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society, 09 Feb 2018