Sociodemographic Characteristics, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Substance Use and Psychiatric Disorders Among Adolescent-Limited, Adult-Onset, Life-Course-Persistent Offenders and Nonoffenders in a General Population Survey [2020]

This study compared sociodemographic characteristics, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and substance use and psychiatric disorders between adolescent-limited (AL), adult-onset (AO), life-course-persistent (LP) and nonoffender (NO) groups using a large U.S. general population survey. The odds of experiencing several ACEs were greater among each offender group relative to NOs. LP offenders experience more ACEs than AL and AO offenders. Each offender group generally experienced greater substance use and psychopathology than NOs, whereas LP offenders experienced more substance use and psychopathology than AO and AL offenders. The results of this study identified several sociodemographic factors, ACEs, and types of psychopathology that differentiate AL, AO, LP, and NO offenders that can help inform prevention and intervention strategies designed to prevent offending and shorten criminal careers.

Bradley T. Kerridge, S. Patricia Chou, Boji Huang, Thomas C. Harford
Crime & Delinquency, May 1, 2020