Solution-Focused Brief Therapy With Substance-Using Individuals: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study – 2018

This study examined the effectiveness of solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) intervention on substance abuse and trauma-related problems.

A randomized controlled trial design was used to evaluate the effectiveness of SFBT in primary substance use treatment services for child welfare involved parents in outpatient treatment for substance use disorders. Mixed linear models were used to test within- and between-group changes using intent-to-treat analysis (N = 64). Hedges’s g effect sizes were also calculated to examine magnitude of treatment effects.

Both groups decreased on the Addiction Severity Index-Self-Report and the Trauma Symptom Checklist-40. The between group effect sizes were not statistically significant on either measures, thus SFBT produced similar results as the research supported treatments the control group received.

Results support the use of SFBT in treating substance use and trauma and provide an alternative approach that is more strengths based and less problem focused.

Johnny S. Kim, Jody Brook, Becci A. Akin
Research on Social Work Practice, May 1, 2018