Stigma, Acceptance and Belonging for People with IDD Across Cultures [2020]

Purpose of Review
This review explores recent literature (from 2017 onwards) to identify current developments related to reducing stigma and increasing acceptance for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in their communities across diverse cultures.

Recent Findings
We identified literature related to experiences of stigma for people with IDD and their families across diverse cultures, as well as current and potential interventions and approaches for promoting acceptance.

Although the literature confirms that stigma is still a major barrier to acceptance and inclusion for people with IDD regardless of culture, there appears to be progress in terms of using diverse approaches to support acceptance and belonging. Researchers are also increasingly acknowledging the importance of culture and context in the experience and mitigation of stigma. There remains a need for researchers and practitioners to include people with IDD in identifying and prioritising interventions that promote belonging within their communities.

J. Jansen-van Vuuren & H. M. Aldersey
Current Developmental Disorders Reports, 30 June 2020