Suicidality Among Children and Youth With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review of Existing Risk Assessment Tools [2020]

Individuals with autism are at heightened risk for experiencing suicidality compared to those without autism. Despite this, it is unknown what tools are used to assess suicide risk in research and clinical practice among children and youth with autism. This systematic review examined tools commonly used to measure suicidality in children and youth with and without autism spectrum disorder. Four databases were searched. We identified five tools (C-SSRS, PSS, SITBI, SIQ-JR, BSS) commonly used with youth in the general population; however, we did not identify any tools that were commonly used autistic children and youth. Results highlight the lack of available tools utilized to measure suicidality in autistic children and youth. We propose a framework to facilitate research to fill this gap.

Stephanie J. Howe, Katie Hewitt, Jessica Baraskewich, Sarah Cassidy & Carly A. McMorris
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, volume 50, pages3462–3476(2020)