Suicide by Medication Overdose in Prison: A Study of Three Cases [2018]

Suicide is one of the principal causes of mortality in a prison environment. Although suicide by medication overdose is less frequent than suicide by hanging, self‐strangulation, or vein cutting, it raises questions as to how the medications are obtained, particularly in view of the specific organization of the medication circuit in prisons. We present three cases of suicide by medication overdose involving different therapeutic classes with different distribution circuits and review the regulatory requirements and the measures that could be taken to prevent such suicides.

Christophe Bartoli M.D., Ph.D. Caroline Berland‐Benhaim J.D., Ph.D. Lucile Tuchtan‐Torrents M.D. Pascal Kintz Pharm.D., Ph.D. Georges Leonetti M.D., Ph.D. Anne‐Laure Pelissier‐Alicot M.D., Ph.D.
Journal of Forensic Sciences, Volume 63, Issue 4, July 2018