Supporting Family Caregivers of People Living With Mental Health, Addiction, and Other Issues: Narrative Review of Canadian and International Intervention Studies [2018]

Providing care for family member with mental health issues can negatively impact one’s wellbeing. Interventions to support family caregivers have the potential to reduce stress and depressive symptoms, and to improve overall wellbeing. We reviewed recent studies on innovative and promising interventions for caregivers. While no single intervention proved most effective, we provide a review of several successful interventions including psychoeducation, therapy and counseling, support groups, mindfulness and meditation, self-help, and multicomponent, individually tailored or community based interventions. Further research on interventions that are tailored to individuals or cultural groups are necessary, especially for caregivers from marginalized or stigmatized communities.

Simon Coulombe, David A. Krzesni, Shaleen Jones, Michelle Hébert Boyd
Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health, December 2018, Volume 5, Issue 2