Supporting Mental Health within the Criminal Justice System [2021-11-17]

Mental health concerns and illnesses are higher among people involved in the criminal justice system than the general population. Without adequate supports and services in the community, many continue to cycle through prisons, hospitals, and shelters – at a great cost to themselves, their caregivers, and society.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is committed to supporting the mental health needs of those who are justice-involved through several initiatives including promoting the uptake of community-based research, to improve health quality standards, the continuity of care, and systems integration.

This presentation will highlight the latest MHCC initiatives , including:

  • the National Inventory of Services and Supports for people transitioning out of the criminal justice system,
  • a policy brief on COVID-19, mental health, and substance use in correctional settings,
  • developing a National Action Plan, emphasizing preventive opportunities for diversion for people living with mental health concerns who are involved in the justice system.


Amy Fogarty | Mental Health Commission of Canada

Tanya Miller | Mental Health Commission of Canada

Mo Korchinski | Unlocking the Gates Services Society

Emilie Coyle | Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies