Survey of aged psychiatry services’ support of older Australians with very severe, persistent behavioural symptoms of dementia [2018]

To map the provision of community, acute, non‐acute and residential care‐based state‐funded mental health services to older people with severe, persistent behavioural symptoms of dementia.

An electronic survey was completed in 2015 by senior representatives of aged persons’ mental health services across Australia’s six states.

Jurisdictions varied widely in the number, geographic spread and make‐up of aged persons’ mental health community teams when adjusted for aged population; their number of acute and non‐acute beds, and especially in the provision of specialist residential beds or partnerships with non‐government providers.

There is no nationally accepted pathway of care for this vulnerable group or understanding of what constitutes an adequate statewide mental health service.

Daniel W O’Connor Kate Jackson David Lie Helen McGowan Roderick McKay

Australasian Journal on Ageing, 14 August 2018