Systematic review of psychosocial factors associated with evictions [2018]

Evictions from rented accommodations are a common pathway to homelessness and can negatively impact the lives of individuals and communities worldwide. There have been only few interventions developed to address evictions, and it is important to first understand factors associated with evictions. This systematic review included all available peer‐reviewed articles on the topic published in the international literature from 1900 to 2017 and identified 10 peer‐reviewed studies of evictions conducted in the United States, Canada, Amsterdam and Britain. From these studies, four categories of factors associated with evictions were identified. These factors were financial hardships, sociodemographic characteristics, substance use and other health problems. While many studies had large sample sizes, the majority of studies were cross‐sectional. Together, our review found that there were several salient factors known to be associated with evictions which may benefit from intervention. However, more prospective studies on evictions and development of interventions are needed.

Jack Tsai & Minda Huang
First published: 16 July 2018


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