The Forensic Symptoms Inventory—Revised (FSI-R Adults): Measurement and Structural Invariance Across Gender and Age Groups [2017]

This article investigates the measurement and structural invariance of a newly developed self-report questionnaire, the Forensic Symptoms Inventory-Revised, aimed at measuring eight cognitive, emotional, and behavioral deficits (aggression, lack of social support, problematic substance use, lack of concentration, anger, poor self-regulation, impulsivity, and sexual problems) among adult forensic outpatients. The sample consisted of 716 outpatients (603 males, 113 females) with a mean age of 38.19 (SD = 12.47). Multi-Group Confirmatory Factor Analyses supported the measurement and structural invariance with respect to gender and age groups (18–23 years and ≥24 years). Between-group comparisons revealed that, compared to females, male outpatients reported more substance related problems, as well as incapacities to control verbal and/or physical aggression. Compared to adults, young adults displayed more inadequate self-regulation skills and reported more social support. These findings may promote the formulation of gender- and age-specific treatment goals.

Joan E. van Horn

Psychological Reports, Vol 121, Issue 3, 2018