The HSJCC Network in 2019/2020 – Webinar – 2020-09-02

Every summer, the Local, Regional and Provincial HSJCCs complete Annual Reports detailing the results of the work that they’ve completed over the past fiscal year. This process gives us the opportunity to reflect on the hard work and many accomplishments of the HSJCC Network. Join us for a webinar hosted by the HSJCC Secretariat looking at the innovative work happening across the province and the network’s priorities moving forward.

This webinar will cover:

• An overview of the HSJCC Network

• Results from the 2019/2020 Annual Reports

• Highlights from the Local and Regional Committees

• Completed and ongoing Provincial HSJCC Projects

• Communications, knowledge exchange and member engagement activities

• The HSJCC Network’s COVID-19 response


Trevor Tymchuk, CKE Committee Chair, PHSJCC Member

Candace Vena, HSJCC Project Manager

Andrew Fairbairn, HSJCC Network Coordinator

Tasha Rennie, HSJCC Engagement and Communications Officer

Webinar Recording:

Presentation Slides: