The Impact of Homelessness and Incarceration on Women’s Health [2015]

Female inmates have multiple challenges during incarceration and as they transition into the community including: barriers to accessing health care within correctional facilities, poor transitional preparation preceding release, and inadequate continuity of health care after release. This qualitative study explored the health-seeking experiences and the health and housing needs of female inmates. Four focus groups were conducted in a remand facility in Canada. Women described poor health at entry to the correctional system and viewed incarceration as a means to access health care services. Transition back into the community represented a crossroad that was dependent on the stability of housing status. These findings support gender-sensitive health and housing programs to reduce addictions, recidivism, and poor health among this vulnerable population.

Rabia A. Ahmed, MD, Cybele Angel, BScN, RN, Rebecca Martell, CACII, RCS, Diane Pyne, RN, MHS, Louanne Keenan, PhD
Journal of Correctional Health Care, Vol 22, Issue 1, 2016