The Impact of Juvenile Educational Measures, Confinement Centers, and Probation on Adult Recidivism [2018]

This study aimed to examine the impact of the educational measure of confinement in juvenile detention center versus probation, on adult recidivism. Participants were 264 youths with a disciplinary record in the Juvenile Court (M = 16.5), who were sentenced to custody in a juvenile closed detention center or to probation. The risk levels were assessed using the YLS/CMI Inventory (Youth Level of Service/Case Management). A follow-up period for studying these two groups into adulthood was carried out to register possible adult recidivism. The results showed that probation was more effective in reducing subsequent adult offences than the deprivation of liberty. The variable risk level also appears to be a significant factor, improving the predictive model of adult recidivism.

Lidón Villanueva, Keren Cuervo

International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, Vol 62, Issue 13, 2018