The London Justice Centre – Webinar – 2022/06/15

This webinar is the first in a new series on Ontario’s Four Justice Centre Pilots: New & Innovative Community-Driven Justice Models.

This webinar series will provide an in-depth discussion on each of Ontario’s Justice Centre pilots with a focus on describing how each has been uniquely developed by and for the community it serves, examining how each site supports the needs of specialized populations within their community, as well as highlighting the key community partnerships the support successful operation.

The London Justice Centre provides targeted supports for young adults aged 18-24 who are not in employment, education or training (NEET). Operating out of a well-established local youth services hub, the London JC recognises the unique needs of emerging adults and prioritizes meaningful connections to skills and job training programs, education supports as well as mental health and addictions services to help participants avoid and exit the adult criminal justice system.

– Noelle Brady (London Justice Centre Crown)
– Kelly Geraci (London Justice Centre Case Management Coordinator)
– Mike Brooks (Manager – Justice Centres)
– Erika Sweitzer (TBC) (Manager – Diversion Services, St. Leonard’s Community Services and Co-Chair, HSJCC
– Michael Oates (Executive Director – St. Leonard’s Community services, London & Region)
– Steve Cordes (CEO – Youth Opportunities Unlimited)
-Amy O’Malley (Staff Lawyer – Woodstock Duty Counsel Office)

Webinar recording: