The Toronto Downtown East Justice Centre – Webinar – 2022/07/20

This webinar is the third in a new series on Ontario’s Four Justice Centre Pilots: New & Innovative Community-Driven Justice Models.

This webinar series will provide an in-depth discussion on each of Ontario’s Justice Centre pilots with a focus on describing how each has been uniquely developed by and for the community it serves, examining how each site supports the needs of specialized populations within their community, as well as highlighting the key community partnerships the support successful operation.

The Downtown East Justice Centre seeks to stabilize adult offenders living at the intersection of homelessness, mental health and substance abuse (with priority given to those who do not qualify for existing specialized courts or diversion programs). Launched May 2021, the DTE Justice Centre is a hybrid justice-and-health-centre that accelerates access to justice and critical wrap-around services to prevent the most complex and high-needs clients at the intersection of poverty, homelessness, mental health and addictions from cycling through the criminal justice system by addressing criminogenic risk factors with on-site psychiatric, primary care, addictions medicine and developmental disability supports.

• Dayna Arron (Executive Director, Justice Centres)
• Kate Matthews (Crown Lead, Downtown East Justice Centre)
• Holly Loubert (Crown Counsel, Justice Centres)
• The Honourable Justice Mary Hogan (Ontario Court of Justice)
• Dr. Andrew Bond (Medical Director, Inner City Health Associates)
• Lana Frado (Executive Director, Sound Times Support Services)
• Melissa McMillan (Developmental Justice Case Manager, Surrey Place)
• Mark Linton (Director of Reintegration and Outreach Services, John Howard Society of Toronto)
• Scott Mckean (SafeTO Manager, City of Toronto & Justice Centres)

Presentation Slides: