The Toronto Northwest Justice Centre – Webinar – 2022/06/16

This webinar is the second in a new series on Ontario’s Four Justice Centre Pilots: New & Innovative Community-Driven Justice Models.

This webinar series will provide an in-depth discussion on each of Ontario’s Justice Centre pilots with a focus on describing how each has been uniquely developed by and for the community it serves, examining how each site supports the needs of specialized populations within their community, as well as highlighting the key community partnerships the support successful operation.

The Toronto Northwest (TNW) is a response to community violence and gun crime that is aimed at addressing the impact of the intersection of poverty and criminal justice on youth and particularly racialized youth (aged 12-17). The TNW aims to meet underlying need, break the cycle of offending and address the ongoing systemic problem of the overrepresentation of young Black and racialized offenders by providing youth with enhanced opportunities to improve social and economic futures by re-connecting with education, developing life skills, improving family relationships, and addressing mental health and substance abuse concerns.

– Miriam Henry (TNW Justice Centre Crown)
– Scott McKean (SafeTO Manager, City of Toronto & Justice Centres)
– Lul Omar and Chelsea Davis (System Navigators, Lumenus Community Services)
– Jacquline Dyer (Manager – Mmere Dane Youth Criminal Justice Program at Delta Family
– Kaffie Abdirashid (Education Advocate, Justice for Children & Youth)

Webinar recording:

Presentation slides: